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    Rainer Zietlow


    Rainer Zietlow's new world record drive in 2015: he and his team try to improve their world record from 2014 by driving from South Africa to Norway. He is driving from Cape Agulhas to Nordkapp to complete his 11th automotive project with Volkswagen. In 2004 Rainer Zietlow founded his agency Challenge4 GmbH. Since then the holder of three Guiness World Records (GWR), completed all eleven projects successfully:

    • 2005: High altitude world record for standard vehicles (GWR)
    • 2006/2007 First circumnavigation of the World with CNG (GWR)
    • 2011 Long-distance World Record: Panamericana
    • 2012 Long-distance World Record: Melbourne to Sankt Petersburg
    • 2013 Amarok Polar Expedition Moscow to Kamchatka (GWR)
    • 2014 Long-distance World Record: from Norway to South-Africa

    Marius Biela

    Photographer and Cameraman, Second Driver

    Owner of the photo and video agency emotionscreens and second driver of the "Touareg CapetoCape2.0" World Record Tour. Marius is an experienced photographer, cameraman and driver and has been driving long-distance tours since 2009 together with Rainer. At daytime Marius takes pictures and records videos about the World Record tour, so he has to drive in night conditions. He has already gotten two World Records for completing the famous road "Panamericana" in just 11 days and 17 hours and driving from Melbourne to St. Petersburg in only 17 days and 18 hours. Always keen on adventures, he is now looking forward to coming back to Africa to improve the record of 2014 by driving from Cape Agulhas to Nordkapp in less than ten days. 

    Sam Roach

    Blogger, Third Driver

    Sam is the Managing Director of RacingLine Ltd, which runs Volkswagen Racing UK and the FIA Formula 4 programmes in the UK. Alongside these, Sam and his team in Milton Keynes, England develop a wide range of Performance Parts upgrades which are sold worldwide, and run many of Volkswagen Group UK's corporate events.

    Although this is the first time that Sam has been involved with an endurance challenge such as this, he is well prepared for the driving demands of the Touareg Cape to Cape 2.0 Challenge through many years of competitive racing and rallying.