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  • 20.09.2015 Nordkapp/Norway

    We've done it! The Touareg Cape to Cape 2.0 Challenge is complete, and Rainer Zeitlow, Marius Biela and Sam Roach are now World Record holders.

    Our arrival in the the Northernmost point of Norway, Norkapp at 14:00 today (Sunday) marked the end of...


    20.09.2015 Norwegian Border

    It took us over 14 hours to cross Sweden from South to North through last night, which felt like a very long way for our now slightly tired team. At least Sweden has beautiful empty smooth roads – about as much of a contrast to the African road...


    19.09.2015 Malmö/Sweden

    After saying goodbye to the Touareg Club Slovakia last night, we then headed to the nearby Volkswagen factory in Bratislava. This ultra-modern plant is where all Touaregs are produced. Alongside the main factory is the Pilot Hall, a workshop for...


    18.09.2015 Bratislava/Slovakia

    After our memorable flight in the Cargo plane over Syria, we then had great drive through Turkey overnight keeping up good average speeds on the empty motorways. We reached Istanbul at around 03:00 and as we crossed the Bosphorus bridge there, we...


    18.09.2015 Adana/Turkey

    With Syria out of the question to travel through, we have been given World Record dispensation to fly ourselves (and the Touareg) from Jordan to Turkey. We chose the two airports that were the closest possible to Syria to keep our flying to a minimum...


    17.09.2015 Aman/Jordan

    Late last night, we made a brief stop after the Suez Tunnel, Egypt to grab a bit of food. To our amazement in the carpark we met some other long-distance car travellers. The Zapp family (parents Herman and Candelaria, plus 4 lovely young children)...


    16.09.2015 Suez/Egypt

    Our convoy of the Touareg and our four Egyptian fixers in their two Volkswagen Tiguans headed North from the border after a friendly welcome from all the officials there. Our route took us through the Sahara desert on a virtually empty dead straight...


    16.09.2015 Sudan/Egypt Border

    After the shock of being told that the Ehthiopian/Sundanese border was closed on our arrival there yesterday, we were more than relieved to get on our way into Sudan. After the green and mountainous surroundings of Ethiopia, the contrast was...


    15.09.2015 Metema/Sudan

    To finish our time in Ethiopia, we enjoyed a very scenic and varied drive to the Sudanese border at Metima. Again, the Ethiopian landscape was stunning at every turn, with mountains, valleys, waterfalls – and at last some completely smooth roads. A...


    15.09.2015 Bahir Dar/Ethiopia

    After we crossed the border into Ethiopia yesterday afternoon the country straight away felt very different to all of the areas that have come before it on our adventure. Almost as soon as we entered the country the smooth and empty road started...


    14.09.2015 Southern Ethiopia

    Since our last update we enjoyed the rest of our drive through Kenya with some more amazing wildlife and views in the sunset. We really liked the time passing through Kenya.

    The border crossing into Ethiopia was a fairly easy and quick procedure....


    14.09.2015 Mazarbit/Kenya

    We have spend this morning travelling through Kenya since crossing the border this morning at around 01:30, crossing the Equator a few hours later.

    Within those first few hours, in the dark of the night, we'd already seen a wide variety of Kenyan...


    13.09.2015 Arusha/Tanzania

    It has been a long day travelling through Tanzania since our slow border crossing this morning, but the Touareg and our team of three are all in good shape. Central Tanzania has turned much flatter and more desert-like, empty and sparse than this...


    13.09.2015 Tunduma/Tanzania

    We drove through the rest of last night to reach the Zambian border at 05:30. Mostly the roads were fast and empty, with just the occasional high-speed trucks and buses squeezing us from the opposite direction. A couple of night-time memories for me...


    12.09.2015 Lusaka/Zambia

    As we came towards the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia this afternoon, we made the long, steep and twisting descent from the high plains down to the Zambezi river that marks the border between the countries. Crossing the giant river over an old...


    12.09.2015 Beitbridge/South Africa

    After our last blog of yesterday, a group of our partners from Esteq were waiting for us at our first refuelling point of the journey in Johannesburg. They had a treat waiting for us to grab – a MacDonald's meal for the three of us!

    With the Touareg...


    11.09.2015 Bloemfontein/South Africa

    Since our update earlier today, we have stayed on the fast, straight empty roads of South Africa, heading North East now towards Bloemfontein. For the past few hours, there has been almost no sign of life or civilisation away from the road, just the...


    11.09.2015 Cape Agulhas/South Africa

    The day of departure has finally arrived. We woke early at 06:30 to enjoy our last hot breakfast for ten days, and begin our routine of packing and daily preparation on the Touareg for one last time. Many jobs all around the car to do to get all of...


    Time form Start to Finish

    New World Record Time
    Old World Record Time: 21 Days (2014)
    Total Kilometer Driven: 17.568km
    Start: Cape Agulhas 11/09/2015
    Finish: North Cape 20/09/2015
    Flight: Amman (JOR) – Adana (TR)
    (Shortest possible flight over Syria)

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